Plastic Table Mould

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Hi hkbtp8c8, I hope everything is well with you! Do you need a partner to help turn your product idea into a commercially successful plastic product? Or does an existing part need re-engineering? We look forward to putting our knowhow and expertise to work for you. Together we’ll come up with the optimum solution to fit your needs. We leverage our knowledge of – and experience with – the processing of high performance and engineering thermoplastics to support the material selection process. The choice and application of the appropriate material is crucial to achieve the desired functionality, safety and lifespan of a product. At CNM Plastics, we work with a wide range of thermoplastics in our injection molding processes, from standard to engineered, including PPS, 15-60% glass-fiber reinforced PA, ABS high flow, POM, amongst others. Our business scope have covered from high –precision molds (+/- 0.01mm) to large size molds (2200mm), from 1. home appliance, 2. automotive, 3. electrical parts, 4. cosmetic, 5. fitting to big industry parts. Please reply to this email directly. If you are interested in any metal parts/products, please send me drawings or samples and we will give you the best price from 1 piece. We are truly looking forward to your visit and inquiry at any time! Regards, – Karren.Estanislau CNM

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